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【商品名】Kyosho Auto Scale Maroon NISSAN Fairlady Z Car Accessory Fits Mini-Z Vehicle 【カテゴリー】おもちゃ:ブロック

Kyosho Auto Scale Maroon NISSAN Fairlady Z Car Accessory Fits Mini-Z Vehicle



The 'Auto scale' trademark is one that represents a commitment to a level of quality and detail in RC bodies that exists nowhere else in the RC world. The Kyosho Auto scale bodies are built exclusively as replacement and optional bodies for the Kyosho Mini-Z line of cars. It features replicas of many iconic and historical racing vehicles, notable production performance machines, and even some esoteric 'cult' cars across the spectrum. What they all share is a level of detail that includes a glossy coat of paint, along with details that is unmatched. All bodies use Kyosho's patented body mounting system that uniquely allows each body to be fitted to different model Mini-Z cars (check product specifications to be sure it will fit your Mini-Z). Each Auto scale body set includes the body, unique from body mount, and replica wheels that are specific to that vehicle. Display tires are also included, which makes the Auto scale look as sharp as a diecast car, but it's made for one of the most popular hobby-grade micro RC cars in the world the Kyosho Mini-Z.First released in 1969, the Fairlady Z, known as the 240Z in North America, was the first of what ended up becoming an Iconic series of sports car from the Nissan Motor Company that remains popular to this day. The Fairlady Z Auto scale body represents an original version of the legendary 'Z' line, which is finished in a rich maroon color and hand-polished to a deep, glossy finish.Item no. MZP140MR-BFits Chassis Type: MR03N-RMWheelbase: 90mmFront Wheel Offset: 0.0mmRear Wheel Offset: 0.0mmFront Wheel Width: 8.5mmRear Wheel Width: 8.5mmBar Code: 4548565241019.

Kyosho Auto Scale Maroon NISSAN Fairlady Z Car Accessory Fits Mini-Z Vehicle
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